There Is Still Work To Do

2004 Hampton University graduating senior Tim Lee took to the microphone and gave an electrifying commencement speech that fueled his graduating class to approach the oncoming season of their life with vigor. Here I am, over 10 years later, being fueled by the same message. Feeling empowered by the thought of what I may face ahead, knowing fully well I am capable to accept any challenge. Lee uses the words of a poem called The ABC’s of Life by Sherri Scott Novoa in the end of his speech to bring his message home in a way that won’t let you ever forget it. Watch the entire message below and you’ll come to understand and be appreciative of the excerpt below. You’ll keep coming back to it.

“O- overcome our obstacles
P- put our best foot forward
Q- quit quitting
R- run the race with pacers
S- strive on
T- trusting in the lord
U- use our talents
V- value our time
W- wait for understanding
X- X-ray our own live styles
Y- yearn to achieve all that we seek
Z- be zealous when reaching the top.”