For What?

There’s always a party in my head and the guest list is long. I’d invited happiness, joy, and love to drink and eat as much as they want but somehow sadness, loneliness, and depression snuck their way in and stole the spotlight. I’ve kicked them out and found a place where I can share pieces of me and inspire myself to be, live, and just do better. You know how sometimes you just need your own place with peace and quiet and if you don’t move out you’re going to die because its going to have to be either you or your mother and you know you cant kill your mother but she won’t think twice about killing you and so next thing you know you’re dead? That’s what this feels like. This space belongs to me. Everything here is a part of me, an extension of who I am. I didn’t want to hear the traffic of the other platforms in my free-thinking-open-minded-no-judgement zone. I just want to live and love and share it all. So, let’s laugh, cry, grow, worship, expand our business and brands, talk about theatreĀ and style while we stand up tall for our rights and give our all to our passions. I need a breath of fresh air and I can’t be afraid to be my own oxygen.

P.S. It’s certainly not all shade but there is bound to be some. I’m human.

Drew Shade

Do You See Me?